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Visitors can view IDS' controls in the language of their choice. Deutsch, English, Español, Italiano, Français, and Nederlands language files are included, and it is relatively easy to add others.

Currently, there is no support for languages that are not written from left-to-right. There is also no support for date and number formatting. I hope to address these issues in a future release. Let me know if you would like to help.

Use the English language file as a template. Translate all of the text in quotes. Do not translate or remove the words that are preceded by a percent sign (%). These words will be replaced with dynamic content by IDS.

Replace "en-US" in the "site-language" field with the proper language code. Language codes are defined in the ISO 639-1 standard.

If necessary, replace "iso-8859-1" in the "site-encoding" field with the character set used in your language file. It is tempting to use UTF-8 or UTF-16 everywhere, but my tests have shown that not many browsers display these character sets correctly yet.

Give the language file an appropriate name and place it in IDS' "localizations" directory. It will now be available in the language popup menu.

If you create a new language file or have made corrections to one of the language files that come with IDS, please send it to me so that I can include it with the next version of IDS.

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