Install (UNIX with Apache)

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  • Decompress "ids-0.8.tar.gz" into a directory where your webserver can find it and from which CGI's can be executed. Please see the IDS & Apache page for examples.

  • Create a password file in a safe directory using the command:

    htpasswd -c .htpasswd admin

    You will be prompted for a password. This creates a password file named ".htpasswd" and makes a password entry for the user "admin". You will use this username and password to access IDS' administrative CGI.

  • cd to IDS' "admin" directory and edit the file ".htaccess". Change the first line of this file to point to the password file you just created (".htpasswd").

  • If you would like to require that guests have a password before posting comments, you can create an htaccess file in the "postcomment" directory.

  • Refer to the Getting Started page for usage instructions.

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