Easy Install (Microsoft Windows 2000 with IIS)

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  • Decompress "ids-0.8.tar.gz" into a directory where your webserver can find it. This should probably be on a NTFS volume for performance and security.

  • Rename the directory "ids-0.8" to whatever you want.

  • Open a command prompt, and navigate to the directory you renamed above. In that directory, type "perl.exe iiscfg.pl", and follow the prompts.

  • Change NTFS ACLs on the admin directory to allow only designated admins.

  • If you would like to require that guests have a password before posting comments, you can set NTFS ACLs on the "postcomment" directory.

  • Create a directory named "image-cache".

  • Change ACLs on the album-data, image-cache, and logs directories to allow anonymous reads, writes, and deletes.

  • The previewmaker.pl script needs to be modified. Open it in your favorite text editor and change all instances of "follow => 1" to "follow => 0" (without quotes.) This fixes an issue with the way Perl on windows handles follow statements.

  • Refer to the Getting Started page for usage instructions.

Notes on jpegtran:
  • Place it somewhere, and enter the absolute path, msdos style, in the admin pages. example: C:/progra~1/jpegtran/jpegtran.exe

  • The file /admin/index.cgi needs to be modified. Open it, and go to the rotateImage subroutine. On the system line, change \"$itemToRotate\" > \"$tempImageName\ to \"$itemToRotate\" \"$tempImageName\

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